Closing the “Performance Deal”

How to Convert Employee Motivation into Performance

How to Close the Performance Deal: How to Convert Employee Motivation into Performance

“Anyone who says they work just for the money has given up the hope that anything more is possible.”
– Peter Block, Stewardship

Do you have an employee who just doesn’t put out the effort to do even a satisfactory job, who is clearly not engaged in his (her) work? Maybe he was once a strong contributor but lately has lost the spark. You know he is capable. It’s not a skill problem. It’s a will problem, a lack of motivation.

You have tried everything to motivate this individual. You have probed, questioned and listened. You have suggested and advised, encouraged and supported. And you have provided training. You know the next step is to move the conversation to his unacceptable performance, followed by discipline and possibly termination.

This presentation confronts head-on the dilemma facing managers: you can’t motivate someone to perform if they don’t know what they want…and most employees haven’t thought lately about what they want from their job.

Since motivating people has a lot in common with sales process, we introduce an approach that the best sales people use to get their customers to do business with them.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How human motivation operates in a work environment
  • The most common employee motivators that lead to strong performance
  • A strategy plus effective questions you can use to get your employees to take personal responsibility for clarifying what they want (and how badly they want it)
  • How to link their motivators to their performing well in their job
  • An approach for dealing with long service employees who are within hailing distance of retirement and in “coasting” mode

Particularly suited for:

Executives and managers who realize that traditional carrot-and-stick approaches don’t work any more and are looking for practical ways to energize their staff to deliver high performance.


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