Over to You, Employee

Getting Your Staff to Take Accountability for Their Performance, Satisfaction and Development

Getting Your Staff to Take Accountability for Their Performance, Satisfaction, and DevelopmentIn many organizations today:

  1. Too many managers try too hard to get their employees to perform at an acceptable level
  2. Too many employees are not engaged in their job but don’t consciously realize it.
  3. Too many employees wait for their boss to tell them what their development path should be.

In each case, the organization is a loser.

(1) It loses by diverting managers from higher level tasks. (2) It loses the potential full contribution from employees who have a vague sense of dissatisfaction. (3) And it loses by not having in place a pipeline of trained staff resources ready to be promoted and deployed to meet strategic needs.

This presentation alerts you to how, if you are not careful, you can build in your team a subtle yet costly culture of dependency…on you. Paradoxically, this is a two-way street: you actually feel good by carrying the load and they feel good by having you do this!

Then you are introduced to a proven strategy to instill in your employees a sense of personal responsibility for (1) the work they do, (2) how satisfied they are, and (3) where they want to grow their skills and knowledge.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Why managers lean to a directive style and how this fosters a dependent staff
  • Life’s dirty little secret: we are all free to choose (and this includes employees, too!)
  • Non-directive coaching: the accountability builder
  • How to use questions to pull choices from your employees
  • Where to position consequences into your discussions
  • How to challenge their current mind set about what’s possible for them

Particularly suited for:

Executives and managers who want to unlock much more of their staff’s potential contribution, enthusiasm and capacity and apply it to the production of results in the organization.


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