Dare to Be Their “Best Boss Ever!”

Would They Call You Their Best Boss Ever: Practical Tips and Insights for the Successful ManagerDo you remember what it was like working for the best boss you’ve ever had? You probably worked harder for this individual than for anyone else, before or since. Chances are you contributed more of your potential effort and creativity? And you felt really good about yourself, your job, and your employer?

This presentation is inspired by Ian Cook’s book, Would They Call You Their Best Boss Ever?: Practical Tips and Insights for the Successful Manager.

You will leave this thought-provoking event with practical tips and approaches you can apply immediately back at your workplace. Whether you lead from the C-suite or a mid manager level, you can expand your impact in three areas where research shows that superb leaders excel:

    1. Orientation towards results
    2. Courage & integrity
    3. Solid relationships


Here’s what you will learn:

      • The primary dilemma facing leaders (and employees) who want to make a difference through the work they do
      • 3 elements you need to put in place if you want to generate a high level of results
      • 3 behaviors you can adopt to show up with courage and integrity
      • 3 ways you can build trusting, productive, and collaborative working relationships with your employees

Particularly suited for:

Executives and managers who want to “upgrade their leadership operating system” and break through the limitations their current leadership behavior and assumptions place on the level of results that are possible.


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