Keynote Presentations

  • How to Close the “Leadership Deal”: Converting Employee Motivation into Performance

    Addresses a dilemma every manager faces: you can’t motivate someone who doesn’t know what he/she wants. Ian draws on some lessons from good closers in sales to suggest a way to deal with this quandary.

  • Build “Best Bosses”: The Key to Developing Extraordinary Leaders

    Recent research has revealed the kind of leaders who are able to master complex challenges and get greater outcomes. Find out how to upgrade your managers’ current internal “operating system” to “leadership 2.0.”

  • You Can Be Their “Best Boss Ever”: What to Do and How to Show Up

    Ian challenges you to transform yourself into a superb leader and lays out what this will require from you and how you can go about it. Looks at (1) how you operate in your external environment and (2) the habits of thought, beliefs, assumptions and intentions of your inner world.

  • Talking at the “Touch Points”: Effective Conversations around Performance, Motivation, and Development

    Addresses three essential topics of conversation with employees that many managers find challenging and/or ignore altogether. Attendees leave with some practical tips–specific to each topic area–for conducting the discussions effectively.

  • Is This a “No” I See Before Me?: How to Deal with Resistance

    Leaders who want to accomplish significant outcomes will encounter resistance. In this fun and interactive session, you will learn a cutting edge response that combines the wisdom of Gestalt psychology with the martial art of Aikkido. The result: eliminate, or at least diminish, opposition to your goals.