Judgement More than Expertise

In their wonderful new book, The Practice of Adaptive Leadership, Ron Heifetz, Alexander Grashow, and Marty Linsky raise a provocative question that has everything to do with effective leadership at the senior level.

At what level in your organization do people begin to feel and act as if they are valued more for their judgment than for their technical expertise?

As people ascend the organization in a managerial capacity, less and less does the value they contribute relate to their technical or functional knowledge. Increasingly, they must apply their judgment and wisdom to issues that are strategic and more complex than they are at the operating level.

But, being humans, they tend to hold on to and use what has brought them success so far…that good ‘ol technical expertise.

How about where you work? Have the executives there let go of the need to for precise, clean, unambiguous solutions to the complex problems they face? Do they keep team meetings focused on operational problems and how to fix them? And do they tend to become quiet and contribute little when the agenda topic is of a bigger picture nature?

And if you are one of those executives, how about you?

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