Leadership Circle Profile™

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is the only 360 degree competency assessment that simultaneously provides focused competency feedback (i.e. skills) while revealing the underlying assumptions (i.e. ingrained beliefs and habitual ways of thinking) that determine a leader’s decisions and behaviors, level of effectiveness, and, ultimately, the ceiling on the results he or she can achieve.

The Core of the Model

This 18-minute video will reveal to you the power and the depth of the Leadership Circle. Bob Anderson, Founder of The Leadership Circle, explains the two principle structures of mind that most leaders operate with: the Creative and the Reactive. You will see right away how the Leadership Circle approach is different from any 360 you have encountered.

Creative leadership competencies enable you to achieve significantly greater results by bringing out the best in others, leading with vision, continually raising your own effectiveness, acting with integrity, and enhancing organizational systems.

Reactive leadership tendencies cause you to emphasize caution over achieving results, self-protection over productive engagement, and controlling over enrolling.

Presentation on creative and reactive tendencies
by Bob Anderson, Founder, The Leadership Circle


Design and Administration of the Profile

In this 28-minute video you will be shown the design of the Leadership Circle, a sample report in detail and how to interpret it, how this assessment compares with some of the best known 360º instruments, and the unique range of renowned leadership theories that are integrated into the model.

A comprehensive explanation of the
design and administration of the Profile.


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A New Standard for Leadership Development

Unlike most 360 degree assessments, LCP is a world beyond a mere laundry list of behaviors. The Leadership Circle Profile integrates well-researched leadership competencies into a unified framework. This framework accelerates insight, deepens awareness, and highlights leverage points for change.

Go Deeper for a Clearer Picture

LCP reveals a leader’s “operating system,” the internal assumptions (beliefs) that run behavior in both creative and reactive domains. The manager will see how his or her inner world of thought is translating into a productive or unproductive style of leadership. Essentially, TLCP increases inner awareness to positively affect outward behavior.

Key Features of LCP

Displays Results Within a High Impact Framework. Where most 360 degree assessments merely rank order scores in a linear fashion, TLCP’s circle framework enables leaders to see at one glance—without laboring over volumes of data—both how they are doing and where the optimal areas lie for their leadership development. The graphic elegantly displays the critical relationships between strengths and weaknesses, creative competencies and reactive tendencies, and the interaction between inner assumptions and outer behavior.

State of the Art Internet Capable

The Leadership Circle Profile is completely administered through the internet. In a very user-friendly environment, participants can fill out the profile on themselves and request feedback from others. For follow-on coaching activity, coaches and even direct managers can easily log in to review goals, monitor progress and provide timely feedback.

Extensive Support Materials

Feedback reports are included in an extensive binder of support material. Detailed numeric data is efficiently organized for digging into the specifics. All dimensions are described in sufficient depth and clarity so as to support ongoing learning and reflection. Extensive awareness and action planning guides are included. Learning resources and contact information are provided. Leaders also have access to an interactive web site for further learning. In short, support materials facilitate reflection, learning, and behavior change long into the future.


Your organization can receive summary data on any division, department, or team that will support organizational measurement needs. Data report-out options are available. Self-report data can be compared to an average score of all those providing feedback, and/or feedback can be split out by boss, peer, and direct reports. If your organization has key competencies that need to be measured in addition to, or instead of, the dimensions included in LCP, this tool is fully customizable to your organizational culture.

Rich Research Base

The Leadership Circle Profile is a world class, thoroughly researched and validated instrument. Construct validity is unparalleled. There is a more thorough and solid theoretical base with this instrument than with any other instrument of its type. Some of the theories reflected are:

  • Creative Tension (Fritz, Senge, Keifer)
  • Patriarchy vs. Partnership (Block)
  • Cognitive Psychology (Ellis, Burns)
  • Emotional Intelligence (Goleman)
  • Character Structure (Horney)
  • Stages of Development (Wilbur, Kegan, Kohlberg)
  • Ego/Shadow (Jung)
  • Enneagram
  • Leadership Research and Literature

Note: The Leadership Circle Profile™ was developed and is owned by The Leadership Circle™


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