Authentic Leader™ Workshop

Authentic Leader™ Workshop is a 2-3 day session intended primarily for senior leaders and/or intact senior-level teams and to be held in conjunction with the Leadership Circle 360º Profile and, ideally, the Leadership System™ process. It offers a truly “deep dive” experience. Together, participants gain a powerful new awareness of the strengths, limitations and consequences of their current habits of thought. The program accelerates the growth of their individual and collective effectiveness. The program provides an opportunity for leaders to:

  • Practice skills around authentic, courageous conversations.
  • Build high levels of trust and alignment within their team
  • Clarify their personal purpose and their vision for the part of the organization they lead.
  • Develop deeper level of commitment to the goals of the enterprise in the face of system resistance to bold actions and necessary change.
  • Accept accountability for the ways in which they embody the current organizational culture and thus impede cultural change.

gravity_stick2Through a combination of simulations, facilitated group discussions and personal reflection, Authentic Leader Workshop engages your participants from-start-to-finish. It brings alive the feedback from their Leadership Circle 360º assessments and produces a significant shift from their current leadership “operating system” to one that enables a much greater impact on the people and the organization they lead.

Where This Workshop Fits In

In conjunction with the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP):

  1. Complete the LCP.
  2. Have their 360º results “unpacked”, either in our half-day workshop, Promise of Leadership, or by means of a one-on-one consultation with our facilitator coach.
  3. Authentic Leader Workshop.

As part of a customized Leadership System (LS) process:

  1. Complete the LCP.
  2. Experience the LS (Promise of Leadership, Leader to Leader half day sessions, Pulse Surveys)
  3. Authentic Leader Workshop, scheduled either at the end of the Leader to Leader sessions or at some point part way through.

Note: Authentic Leader™ Workshop  was developed and is owned by The Leadership Circle™.

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