Senior Leader Development

What Sort of “Leadership Culture” is Your Top Team Fostering?

Leaders touch everything that drives business performance!

The current leadership culture in your organization is an overwhelmingly strong factor in the level of results you achieve and the success of any major change effort you undertake. And, by and large, the leadership culture is established and sustained by your senior leaders.

The Objective

  • Grow the collective and individual leadership effectiveness of your senior managers
  • Address their “inner game,” the particular beliefs and habits of thought that stimulate or limit the outcomes they get from their teams.
  • Shift your culture to foster higher performance and sustained results.

Ask yourself…

  • How capable is our senior leadership culture to support achievement of our goals?
  • Does our top team drive the strategy or mostly just solve problems?
  • How well do our senior managers deal with complex situations and challenges?
  • Do our senior leaders draw the best from their employees?
  • To what extent do our managers operate based on:
    • action, rather than caution?
    • productive engagement with others, rather than self-protection?
    • making tough, courageous decisions, rather than being liked?

How We Work with Your Leaders

For in-depth leadership work we use the integrated suite of tools and sessions that comprise the Leadership System™.

These elements can be combined in flexible ways to create an optimum return on your leader development investment based on where you most need to focus your development efforts and on your budget.

Here is a typical Leadership System process.

  1. Team members go through the The Leadership Circle (360º) Profile (LCP) assessment.
  2. They receive their results in a half-day workshop called The Promise of Leadership (PoL). They learn a framework for their leadership growth and how it links to business results. They also receive their 360º Profile results and begin the process of assimilating the feedback. PoL is a foundation that prepares them for the subsequent stages in this process.
  3. This is followed shortly after by one-on-one consultation session with a facilitator/coach to go over their 360º data, illuminate patterns and key messages from the results, and respond to any questions or concerns they may have.
  4. Leader to Leader (L2L), a series of half-day interactive, facilitated sessions. Managers go through it in intact cohorts of 6-10 in size.These cover practical leadership topics carefully selected to address your team’s greatest needs.  Besides learning new material and practicing new skills in these meetings, participants engage in peer coaching, sharing feedback, tackling real business challenges, and holding one another accountable for applying new leadership approaches in their work.
  5. Follow on options:
    • 2-3 day Authentic Leader workshop. Here team members engage in discussions, exercises, simulations and various reflections that deepen their insight into their respective “inner operating systems,” building off of their Profile results.
    • Where the situation warrants it, one-on-one Leadership Coaching for select team members can be arranged to build off their Profile results and run in parallel with the L2L process.
    • Retake the Leadership Circle Profile to measure progress made.

Three Groupings of Managers

(1) Middle to senior managers group

This can include your executive team plus 1-2 levels down, depending upon how flat your organization structure is.

The power of the process comes out particularly in the Leader to Leader sessions where you can put specific managers together in specific learning cohorts based on their level in the organization, similarity in areas of growth challenges, or perhaps different functions or regions. Also, you may choose to designate certain leadership topics you want every one of your managers to address.

(2) Your top Leadership Team

There is no faster and more lasting way to unleash your enterprise’s full potential than to have your executive team grow their collective leadership…together.

You will be raising the collective effectiveness of your top team which will, in turn, directly impact your organization’s capacity to deliver significantly greater outcomes.

You can put all executives and managers through Promise of Leadership and then have your top team experience the Leader to Leader sessions as a separate, intact cohort with, perhaps different topics on its agenda.

The Authentic Leader workshop is ideal for an executive team. It is generates a profound shift in the team’s consciousness that makes substantial changes possible in work performance, team cohesiveness, business outcomes, and a more positive enterprise culture.

(3) High Potential Leaders (HIPOs)

Perhaps you have identified a number of HIPOs and have a special program for them in place or are looking to develop one.

As you to prepare them for more senior positions, you of course attend to sharpening their “outer game” (skills, competencies, and behaviors). But ultimately it is their “inner game” (beliefs, assumptions, and habits of thought) that runs the outer one and determines whether they can handle the increasing complexity that comes with a senior leadership role.

The Leadership System is perfectly designed to form the core of your HIPO program. It offers participants a practical framework for understanding what effective leadership is and a roadmap for their own growth as a leader.

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