Creative Leadership Competencies

Creative Leadership CompetenciesThe top half of the circle maps Creative Competencies that contribute to a leader’s effectiveness. They measure key leadership behavior and internal assumptions that lead to high fulfillment, high achievement leadership. They are as follows:


The leader’s capability to relate to others in a way that brings out the best in people, groups, and the organization.

  • Caring Connection
  • Fosters Team Play
  • Collaborator
  • Mentoring & Developing
  • Interpersonal Intelligence


The leader’s orientation to ongoing professional and personal development, as well as the degree to which inner self-awareness is expressed through high integrity leadership.

  • Selfless Leader
  • Balance
  • Composure
  • Personal Learner


The leader’s capability to relate to others in an high integrity manner–not masked by organizational politics, looking good, winning approval, etc.– and to bring up difficult issues, take tough stands, and share personal vulnerabilities about a situation.

  • Integrity
  • Courageous Authenticity

Systems Awareness

The degree to which the leader’s awareness is focused on whole system improvement, productivity over the longer term, and the symbiotic relationship between the interests of the organization and welfare of the wider community in which it operates.

  • Community Concern
  • Sustainable Productivity
  • Systems Thinker


The extent to which the leader guides self and others with a strategic focus that is visionary, authentic, and end-results oriented.

  • Strategic Focus
  • Purposeful & Visionary
  • Achieves Results
  • Decisiveness