TW 2010 Global Workforce Study-Comment #1

  It's that time of year again when TowersWatson (formerly TowersPerrin) publishes its always informative Global Workforce Study. The 2010 report, conducted between November/09 and January/10, covered 20,000 full time employees of large and midsize organizations in 22 markets around the globe. Over the next several blog posts I want to highlight and comment on some of their main findings. As always, my focus will be on what the learnings are for managers and leaders. Three main themes … [Read more...]

It Pays to Attend to Your Organization’s Talent

The Hackett Group completed last year a 3-year Talent Management Performance study that showed how Global 1000 level companies that invest in and develop more comprehensive talent management capabilities yield benefits in three areas. They call it the "triple payoff": Enhanced bottom line results Improved operational processes Better talent management processes Here are just a couple of highlights from their research. These Talent Management Maturity Leaders (TMML's), compared to … [Read more...]

Book Review – Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

  By Carol S. Dweck Random House, 2006 ISBN #1-4000-6275-6 John McEnroe reached great heights in the world of professional tennis but, by his own admission, he did not fulfill his potential. Whenever he lost, it was not his fault. Even his defeat at the 1984 French Open he blamed on sound coming from the headset of a network cameraman. As a world class athlete, he felt he had the right to abuse others. In fact, the image of him screaming at umpires is burnished in the minds of a … [Read more...]

Article – A Lesson for Managers from the World of Sales

By far the single biggest concern I hear from managers I work with is, "How can I get my people to do more?" Their number one challenge is how to ensure their employees are motivated. For the answer to this question we turn to the sales professional. Superior salespeople do many things well but one thing stands out. They get into the head of their prospect/customer! They start where their customer is—cognitively, emotionally, even physically. How do they do this? By becoming curious—asking … [Read more...]

Book Review – The Set-Up-To-Fail Syndrome: How Good Managers Cause Great People to Fail

By Jean-François Manzoni & Jean-Louis Barsoux Harvard Business School Press, 2002 ISBN #0-87584-949-0 Does this cycle sound familiar to you? An employee misses a deadline or messes up in some way. You begin to have doubts about him (or her). Meaning well, you start closely managing him. The employee thinks you don't trust him, loses self-confidence and harbors resentment. The employee's performance slips and he minimizes contact with you. You see this as validating your … [Read more...]

Book Review – Abolishing Performance Appraisals: Why They Backfire and What to Do Instead

By Tom Coens & Mary Jenkins Berrett-Koehler, 2000 ISBN #1-57675-076-0 Nobody likes to do performance appraisals (PA's). Nobody! Not even the Human Resources department. For them, it is a constant struggle to get line managers to complete them correctly and on time. And there has scarcely been a client of mine that wasn't in the process of revising their PA process. It always "needs updating," or "we're moving to a competency-based approach," or "our objective this year is to update … [Read more...]

Book Review – Working With Emotional Intelligence

By Daniel Goleman Bantam Books, 2000 ISBN #0-553-37858-9 What are the ingredients that make up superior performers in our organizations? Must they be intelligent? know their stuff? have unyielding drive? be likeable? Recent research indicates grey matter and technical/job knowledge are but threshold competencies. What differentiates the "stars" are the personal qualities, the so-called "soft skills." It appears that Antoine de St.-Exupéry perhaps got it right in The Little Prince when he … [Read more...]

Attend to the Pipeline

Despite the bump (yes, in the long term, it's a bump) of the current recession, we are still facing the demographic truth that a lot of boomers will be retiring from the active workforce over the next decade. As enterprises across the planet begin to grow again and the excess of unemployed and underemployed workers has been absorbed, we will be back facing a shortage of talented people. Therefore, in order to put in place the quality and quantity of leaders you will require to expand in this … [Read more...]