Micro Leadership

How do you get great results from your people and teams? Ultimately, it depends on how well each manager leads at the “micro” level–where vital one-on-one conversations take place between the manager and each one of his/her employees. We teach managers how to handle these well. [ Read more ]

Meetings & Conferences

Keynote Speaker for Meetings and Conferences

We speak to managers. Whether yours is an association conference with plenary and breakout sessions or a meeting of managers within one organization, Ian Cook presents thought-provoking concepts and practical how-to’s in an upbeat interactive format. [ Read more ]

For Senior Leaders

Ambiguity, uncertainty, volatility, change. If your top team struggles reactively to navigate through the escalating complexity of today’s environment, you will be outmatched. Master the outcome creating beliefs and habits of thought that will give your enterprise an enduring edge. [ Read more ]